Who Moved My Cheese?

As I write this, I am just on my way back from a very relaxing week with my 96-old Dad. I am so proud of him and his fitness – his life motto is ‘Keep moving’ which he does every day by charging around the park for an hour with his rollator as well as ten press-ups and half-an-hour on his exercise bike 😊.

He also likes to keep his mind moving which he does with word puzzles and reading on his iPad.  You may remember, he loves the Spotlights I bring over for him to read and avidly read a book I brought over, ‘Who moved my cheese?’ by Dr Spencer Johnson, which you may have read and happens to be my favourite book. One of the bestselling business books, it is about dealing with change in your work and life and certainly changed my attitude to change after I first read it nearly 20 years ago during a difficult period in my life.


Do you have a favourite book that has changed your life? Let’s talk about it in your next lesson if you have one soon.

Reading English books or articles is of course a good way to improve your English comprehension – and if you choose reading matter relevant to your job or interest, you will be more keen on reading it!

When is your favourite time to read? As you know, mine is on the sofa after lunch when I devour my daily newspaper – yes a real paper one!

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