Christmas Cards

Those who know me will quite correctly guess that I have been busy writing my Christmas cards, private and business, […]

Dear / Hi / Hello

Despite the sunny weather, it will soon be time to send Season’s Greetings (not Christmas greetings out of respect for […]

A Jammy Affair

Now, do you remember the lovely clip of the Queen, Paddington Bear and the marmalade sandwich? Well, do you know […]


I’ve just had a lovely brunch with a friend. Now “brunch” is a portmanteau, which is a French word for […]


I know my newsletter is a bit late but I’ve just been on holiday in Normandy and enjoying warm (not […]

Nice day, isn’t it?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, this week we’re going to talk about the weather … Yes, the British love talking about […]

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