The unsung Treasures of the East

I have just returned from a fascinating road trip around East Germany and was amazed by all the ‘unsung treasures’ we visited (to coin a phrase which a good friend of mine called the beautiful sights unknown to many).

Of course, the good weather helped, but to learn so much about Goethe, Bach and Wagner (to name but a few) in the beautiful cities of Weimar, Leipzig and Dresden, as well all the places in between, made me realise that there is so much culture to be discovered and embraced in the East (and thanks Bernd for enlightening me!).

I can now see why the travel guide Lonely Planet recommends Dresden as one of the world’s top travel destinations with its marvellous Baroque architecture. Many thanks to my dear student Astrid for showing us the lesser known delights such as the pretty 19th century dairy shop with elaborately hand-painted tiles, serving all kinds of cheeses. Hope you enjoyed the opportunity to practise your English!

Holiday highlights are often the unplanned ones – such as the dress rehearsal of the choir and orchestra in the majestic church of Annaberg-Buchholz in the Ore Mountains in preparation for their famous festival, which we were allowed to enjoy.

And here’s a photo of the Bastei, rising high above the River Elbe – I had never heard of this amazing rock formation!

So if you fancy a short trip of cultural delights and beautiful scenery – you really don’t have to go far … your country has to much to offer and be proud of.

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