The Colour Red

Well wasn’t that a red hot weekend! Definitely not my weather and very happy that my little office is tucked away in my nice cool basement.

You may have noticed I used red hot which you may have heard before in the name of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. RED is also an American action comedy film from 2010 (Retired Extremely Dangerous) and, as a lot of you know, my favourite colour!

Now it hasn’t always been the colour I love the most – the craze started in 2011 when I bought a little red Fiat 500 after hiring one on holiday in Norway and falling in love with this cute little car. I loved driving around in it and then there was no stopping me … all my student files became red, my briefcase, pens, mugs, handbags, purses and of course clothes and shoes … I thought how easy is this, not having to decide what colour to buy and just going for the red sections in shops. And my new corporate colour was really here to stay when my students started to wear red to lessons – very bonding!

And then there all the idioms with the letter red:

Red-letter day

A special, happy, and important day that you will always remember

Red tape

Excessive bureaucracy (I’ve used this idiom a lot more since moving to Germany 😊)

To paint the town red

Go out and really enjoy yourself

You can find a lot more here:

Red – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

11 years later I still like red but after my little red car started letting me down too often,  I bought my lilac Opel Adam – much more reliable! There are two red items on my desk which still spark joy – smiling George (a hoptimist who jumps up and down if he likes what you are saying) and my red Keep Calm and Carry On sign, thoughtful presents from Marc’s partner Sina and a student respectively to keep me positive during the pandemic!

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