New Website

I am currently in the UK and, as well as enjoying the beautiful beach in Bournemouth, have been celebrating my Dad’s 95th birthday with my family.

My Dad is amazing and still lives alone with the support of my sister. His motto is “keep moving” and by this, he means his mind as well as his body. He walks an hour every day (after half an hour on his exercise bike and 10 press-ups) and is constantly curious (probably where I get it from :-)). He can rarely be found without his iPhone and iPad and a couple of days ago he asked me “what is a podcast?” I explained that a podcast is a portmanteau (a word constructed by blending two words) and that it can be used as a noun or verb (verbalized nouns show how popular they are). It is interesting that the word was coined way back in 2004 by a journalist writing for my Dad’s favourite newspaper, the Guardian.

My Dad still proofreads my translations and was very interested to check this brand new website!

I sadly had to say goodbye to my “old” website which my late husband had designed and developed for me as we unfortunately could not find the updates for the exotic software he had used 🙁 and it had started to break down.

I was very happy to meet Wolfgang Fritz who is a graphic and website designer, and we worked very closely together over the last few months trying to create the same look and feel of my previous website. He is very professional and reliable … and patient!! I can highly recommend his services at WF-Graphicdesign. I am also very excited that I can reactivate my blog with all my news and tips on improving your English.

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