More on the Weather

I bet you guessed I would talk about the weather this week, didn’t you 😊. Some of you may know that it is NOT my weather, I am still very British when it comes to coping with the heat … in that I’m not good at it!

When I’m planning what to write in my blog, I go through it several times in my mind and then write it in one go. So I had carefully planned a nice text yesterday when it suddenly seemed familiar and I felt a strong sense of déjà-vu. This turned out to be my entry a year ago during a hot period in July! Thank goodness I checked. I was amazed I had planned to write just about the same!

Nice day, isn’t it? – Liz Jolliffe Languages

So you might like to revisit my blog entry (we’re supposed to recycle, aren’t we 😊) and you might be interested in my top tip for keeping cool at night – a freezer pack! I wrap the largest freezer pack I can find (from the freezer of course) in a light towel and place it at the foot of my bed about an hour before I go to bed. The bed and consequently my feet are then nice and cool during the night – kind of the opposite of a hot water bottle which is my best friend in the winter. (By the way consequently is a false friend and means ‘as a result’. The German word ‘konsequent’ means consistent.)

And my balcony flowers love this weather as you can see here …

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