Leaving your Comfort Zone

I am currently in Berlin for a course on Positive Psychology – watch this space!

In preparation, we had to write a text on a situation where we used one of our strengths. As I could not think of anything, I asked a friend who immediately said, “leaving your comfort zone.” By this, she did NOT mean physically, as I am, always have been and always will be (good grammar there!) an absolute wimp when it comes to doing anything involving height and speed. I was always the coat carrier at pleasure parks as there’s no way you’d get me on a roller coaster!

So when have I left my comfort zone otherwise? 

I immediately thought of when I was asked four years ago to give a webinar on English interviews to top management and thinking what could I teach them ???? But I dived in, wrote an Interview Guide during lockdown and practiced, practiced and practiced … now I do it regularly and wonder why I was ever so nervous! 

Have you ever had this feeling when asked to do something in English? Did you have a quick panic too? Maybe you should, “Fake it till you make it” or “Think big.” Tell yourself you can do it, ask for help, prepare yourself well, and go for it! 

I once read, “Outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens.“ Bursting with pride is much nicer than feeling disappointed because you said no to something you might have been able to do.  Remember, if possible, to take small steps and start by just attending that English video call passively until you suddenly find yourself saying something. Before you know it, you’ll be an active participant! 

I love hearing your success stories and remember it is often more about how you feel doing something in English than your actual skill level :-). Go for it! 

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