Doppelt gemoppelt

Now, there are some German words and phrases that just don’t translate into English, so I have adopted them into the English language 😊. One of them is ‘doppelt gemoppelt’ – I love it! I mean, ‘too much’ is just boring, isn’t it? A friend and I share ‘zackig zackig’ recipes as we both like quick and easy recipes, especially soups that are ‘easy-peasy’ to make and freeze.

Now these are called reduplicative phrases in English and used for emphasis. You may have heard of the following:

Nitty-gritty (essentials)
“Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?”

Topsy-turvy (lacking organisation)
“His office is completely topsy-turvy.”

Hobnob (socialising)
“He’s hobnobbing with the new neighbours again.”

Fuddy-duddy (old-fashioned)
“Don’t be such an old fuddy-duddy.”

Dilly-dally (waste time)
“Stop dilly-dallying around and get on with it.”

Willy-nilly (haphazardly)
“He did that presentation rather willy-nilly.”

But as I like to keep life simple, my favourite is definitely ‘easy-peasy’😊.

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