Coronation Adjectives

I’m sure a lot of you watched some of the Coronation – even if it was just the highlights which couldn’t be missed 😊.

So, what did you think of the extravagant event? Over the top? Wonderful? There seem to be two camps of thought here, so I thought I would put together two lists of ten adjectives describing this iconic event from the positive and negative side:


Ceremonious, enchanting, magnificent, majestic, memorable, monumental, regal, splendid, stately, stunning


Controversial, expensive, extravagant, old-fashioned, overbearing, overblown, overdone, pompous, superfluous, theatrical is a good source of adjectives as well as their synonyms and antonyms (opposites). 

I felt both sets of emotions at different times during the ceremony, but as I basically feel that King Charles is doing a good job, given the state of the country he took over from the Queen, the positive probably got more votes. However, when I asked the 25-year-old daughter of a friend of mine, who lives in England, what she thought, her immediate reaction was, “a complete and utter waste of time”. No misunderstandings there!

Perhaps you feel the same about the Eurovision Song Contest which I watched last night with my Poly Dollies. We had a great time waving Union Jack flags and laughing and commenting at the rather unusual performances, but at the end of the day we all agreed – the Brits know how to put on memorable events …

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